A story of frenchness


about me

Bonjour & Merci for taking the time to look at my page. My name is Lizzie, I am the creator behind Ma Jolie.  I was born in the south of France and was very fortunate to grew up amongst nature, lavender, savon de marseille, olives and salts, one of my favourite shop was in Biot, a beautiful typical french village that sold bath salts of many colours and scents as well as soaps and oils.

It all started as a hobby, after reading an article  which highlighted the negative effects of many ingredients found widely on the market. As the years go by and I get a little older, I am realising how important our body & skin are, and how little tlc we give it. I am a big believer that what we put on our skin (and belly) and how we care for it, will in time be beneficial. Self care is so important for your mind, body and soul, something we have been neglecting due to the chaos life can become, I hope with Ma Jolie you will find a moment of peace for yourself.

 I am so grateful to be able to share this journey  with you, this is just the beginning!

All products are handmade, using beautiful ingredients that are also animal cruelty free. None of our products are tested on animals and do not contain animal derivatives.Many of our products are vegan friendly, paraben free, we have allergen free colours and some allergen free fragrances. Any glitters are biodegradable.We also GUARANTEE that we will not use a company that uses children to mine/produce products. We take pride in providing sustainably sourced ingredients and like to reduce our carbon footprint by reusing our packaging where possible.

Ma Jolie means My Pretty in French, I wanted a name that represented my roots. Making products makes me feel connected to my home town and to nature, working in harmony.

However, having lived in Liverpool for over 20 years, no french accent here, true Scouse, you know what I mean :).

I hope you enjoy your purchase, share the love with your social media friends and tag us!